The Mental Health Situation in the Philippines


That is how I can describe it. Here in the Philippines, we do not give importance to mental health which disappoints me very much. 

Here is my story-

I went to St. Luke’s Medical Hospital’s emergency room because I felt depressed and suicidal and what happened next will shock you- they turned me down and told me that they don’t handle matters concering depression. 

First of all, what the hell. Is that how a hospital should treat their patients with life-threatening concerns? I might not be showing any physical pain or ailment, but emotional pain is as serious as physical ones. 


The two ladies who tended the emergency registration counter were quite unprofessional. When I told the first lady about my concern, she clearly did not know what to do. She then asked the other lady with her with the statement-question “depressed?”. Now they both do not know what to do. The first lady said it again- “depression” in front of me. Now how am I, a patient, supposed to feel about hat? It was like my case was not being taken seriously. 

They told me that I should go to the Psychiatry department instead at either the “blue” or “white” building. At this point I was just surprised that they would let someone suicidal out of their sight. 

I asked them one more time “so there is nothing you can do?” and they gave me an unsure look and no. I had to leave of course. 

I made my way to the blue building and checked the board for list of doctors. I was unsure whether I should even go at this point. I went to the said floor and just sat for a while. I did not know what to do next. I was just turned down by the emergency, what if this clinic turns me down as well or the doctor is not even in? I was right. The doctor just left. Now I’m just a depressed teen with nowhere else to go but back home. The thing is, my parents did not even know I left.


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