2nd Immersion


It was sunny day during our 2nd immersion. Very different from our first one last month. Most of us students probably felt a little closer to our family when we came back. We felt that we knew them better, and we knew who we were going to the community for.

The first group shared their plans to the community when we got there. After they’ve shared and left with their respective families, we discussed and finalised our plans. Sir Gian told us to try our best not to use “but” when a member of our group is sharing but rather, use “and” to avoid exclusion of anyone’s ideas.

When we’ve finalised our plans, we then left with our families too to stay in their homes for the rest of the afternoon. Another classmate of ours joined our family as his wasn’t present that day. (Marc Areglado woo hello)


Overall, we had a ton of fun in our host family’s home. Some of us got to be closer with the kids too.


They were using Snapchat to take photos like these 😂 :


When we all got back to the meeting point, it was our turn to share to the community our plans and find out whether they support it or not. There were some comments about out project that we wish to put in mind when we’re readying for it next term.



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