“Someone Worth Dying For”

Cemetery-IIIAs I was about to enter the room, those four words welcomed me, and when I opened the door, music was playing. (The song was also entitled Someone Worth Dying For)

That was the scene for all of us NSTP CWTS A62A students.

Our facilititor reminds us each meeting how special and loved we all are.


During our meeting last Saturday, we tackled the task of tallying the responses we received from our host families. After careful analyzation of the trends, and with the help of our facilitator, we discovered the problems that we can address when we plan our project for the community.

There were some interesting things that were revealed during the tally, like transportation was actually one of the major problems of the inhabitants of the community. Also, I didn’t realize that the families really weren’t earning that much. Some had an income of 0-5000php per month. For me, it’s almost unthinkable to live off such an amount during this day and age due to the depreciation of money each year.

This just again elaborates the need for us to come up with sustainable solutions to their problems, and hopefully, in line with it, also improve their standard of living.


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