Beyond My Comfort Zone

How-To-Step-Out-Of-Your-Comfort-ZoneA lot of things happened during the Immersion last Saturday (February 6 2016)Most of us arrived at Harrison Plaza 6:30am and we all left for Bulacan a few minutes before 7:30am.

The jeepney ride was difficult for most of us because it was pretty rough, and it took about 2 hours until we reached Licao Licao. The weather was nice and cool that day, though.

When we arrived at our destination, we played a game with the host families to get to know them better. After the game, the assigned partners per host family were announced. I got partnered with Jonathan Chuaunsu. He’s from a different block so the immersion experience gave us the opportunity to get to know each other better.

When we arrived at our host family’s home, I realized the simplicity of life there. I am not used to being in homes like such. One lightbulb powered the whole living room. Jonathan had the chance to use their bathroom, and he mentioned that it only composed of one toilet bowl which had to be manually flushed, plus there was no lighting.

We met ate Marissa’s children, Lanz and Dheya. Dheya’s 5 years old and is quite the shy type, while Lanz is 3 years old and is the opposite. It was a Saturday so they had no classes, but ate Marissa mentioned that on weekdays, they have to walk for about 30 mins to reach school because it’s more efficient than paying for services like tricycle or jeepney. Ate Marissa graduated from the same school that her children goes to now.

Overall, the experience was a real eye-opener on what really happens out there- outside my comfort zone.
Hopefully our class can address their problems and make sustainable solutions.


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