Preparations for Immersion 

PN9A0637-copy-1296x864.jpgIt’s our third NSTP meeting! Here’s an overview of what we did:

-We discussed about ACH (Authentic Christian Humanism)

– Made a meme relating to what we learned about ACH

– Get to know game

– Representatives of our partner association gave us an overview of the work they do

My favourite was the getting to know game. We wrote on a piece of paper a question that we think would get us to know a person better. We then formed 2 circles- one inner and one outer. We rotated and passed our pieces of papers. It gave us an insight on how to communicate with our host families for next week’s immersion (which I am very excited about!) It’s important to establish good rapport with our host families since it was discussed today that we will be given a questionnaire that we need to fill with information about our host family.

I find it hard to communicate with people the first time I meet them. I tend to overthink about whether I’m coming off too strong or just being a bore, but hopefully next week’s immersion experience will be one that I won’t forget!

As for Authentic Christian Humanism, it will be something that I will struggle hard to attain. Hopefully, in my lifetime, I get to share the love that the Lord has freely given me.


2 thoughts on “Preparations for Immersion 

  1. It’s an ifformative page for the readers. Every topics were very good. Not just a glimpse of your experiences but more importantly you did showcase your(author’s) rapport to us(readers).
    P.S. I like the NSTP article the most.


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