Sympathy Is Not Enough

helping-hand.jpgOn our second NSTP meeting for CWTS, we learned about the three steps we have to go through when we visit our assigned community.

1. Masid-Danas

To see and experience what it is like to be in their shoes

2. Suri-Nilay

To reflect on what we learned about them and analyze what type of help they would benefit in

3. Taya-Kilos

To do what is needed and to commit to empowering the people in the community by sustainable help

Each step is very important for us to truly experience our CWTS, and help the communities effectively.

Aside from this, we also had the chance to know our classmates more. We’re not all from the same block, so our facilitator, Mr. Gian, organized the perfect game for us to know each other- and learn from it too!

We all drew a clock, and set appointments for each hour. After that, Mr. Gian told us to meet with the person we set an appointment with at a certain time and talk about our (1) high school, (2)plans for the holy week and (3) habits.

Each of the topic corresponds to a level of closeness. (1) acquaintance, (2) friends, (3) close friends. The lesson is, when we get to know the people in our assigned community, we will go through these 3 levels and in the end, earn their trust. When we do, we can accurately determine what problems they are facing and how we can help.

The 2nd meeting for our NSTP made me realize that sympathy is not enough. Help is also needed and much appreciated.

Before our session ended, Mr. Gian also made clear that we are all loved. For me, because we are all loved, we should also spread love.


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