Dreaming For Others

During the first meeting for our NSTP class, our facilitator made it clear to us that we should not treat others a different way simply because they are inferior to us.

In my own reflection, I realized that we should treat everyone according to our own values.

Our facilitator went through great lengths -dressed as a maintenance staff just to make us notice.

The whole class participated in an activity wherein each one shared the dream/s that they want to achieve for themselves and for others.

Each student then drew a representation of their dream, and it resulted into a dynamic and collaborative collage.

Through our first meeting, I realized the importance of dreaming not only for yourself, but for others as well, and bore witness to the good that everyone possesses.


One thought on “Dreaming For Others

  1. Kris, I like how you have perfectly captured our introductory session with your title! Dreaming for others.

    Just like your class’s dynamic and collaborative collage. our world in 2030 will be the result of our generation’s dynamism and collaboration, so to speak. And I’d like to remain hopeful for our future–given the dreams that you have shared.

    I’m glad to see that your dreams actually resemble what COSCA envisions as “La Sallians in Action” in its NSTP formation framework. Let’s hope that CWTS will contribute to the realization of your dreams.

    P.S. Please help me remember which dream and drawing was yours? 🙂


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